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Wash Ezee Laundromat is a family owned and operated business who provide high-quality professional laundry services in a safe, clean and friendly location. We offer a convenient self-service for those looking for a fast and easy way to wash and dry all their clothes at once as well as a wash dry fold service for those short on time.

Customer Loyalty Program. Sign up to our Customer Loyalty Program for FREE and receive discounts and rewards. Each of our members also receive a personalized washing bag to make getting your laundry done just that little bit more simple. Give us a call or pop in and see one of our friendly staff between 9am and 12pm most weekdays to sign up. 

Cleaning Products. All of our machines automatically dispense Truclean’s Heritage Fabric Softener which has a built in sanitizer (the disinfectant ingredient being Quaternary Ammonium Compound which meets Commercial Disinfectant Specifications*) where 99% of bugs are killed. Not only do these product supplied by Truclean break down grease and grime but your washing will also come out with a pH of 6.5 (the same as our skin) - which should eliminate possible allergic reactions. 

We’re part of the community. Are you part of a sporting group or community organisation? If so, we would love to support you! Get in touch via email & let us know how we can help. 

The team that cares. We are proud of the "family first" culture we have built within our team and we believe the support and appreciation they receive has a positive overflow affect onto the service the provide our customers. Our team is made up predominantly of mum's who not only have a lot of experience in the laundry department, but also have an eye for detail and a heart to serve. 

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